There is 100% online support for each of the online programmes.

There is an international competition associated with the programme, which all pupils are invited to participate in. Your teachers get video training and an in-depth manual to accompany each programme.

8-9yrs Team Programme and Competition

Create clear, confident, articulate speakers

The heartbeat of this public speaking programme is to give every child the opportunity to become a confident speaker. Inclusion is key. No matter the abilities of the children in other subjects, every child can succeed in these lessons.

9-10yrs Storytelling Programme and Competition

Teach your class how to remember and deliver a great story

By the end of this programme, your class will know how to remember and deliver a great story. They will know to use all of their public speaking tools as they deliver their story.

10-11yrs The Speech Programme and Competition

Empower every student to become the best speaker they can be.

They will leave your class knowing how to create and deliver a speech in a clear, confident, articulate manner.